My advice, learn the gender – masculin or feminine – at the same time you learn a new word. L'auteur n'en saura pas informé. Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. I’m glad you ask. French words have a gender. You reply that yes, you read the newspaper: Oui, je lis (pronounced: zhuh lee) le journal. Now making a list of French endings that show a French noun is feminine is not easy since there are so many exceptions! The 10 Canadian Provinces. For the most part, you must memorize the gender, but there are some endings of words that will help you decide which gender a noun is. Conjugation French verb venir feminine. Here is a quiz for you to remembers some word gender. In French, all nouns have a gender. It is feminine, the noun "crème" is feminine. articles), pronouns, and adjectives. All rights reserved. Nouns ending in -age and -ment are usually masculine, as are nouns ending with a consonant. A book is masculine. A simple explanation of "Continents, countries, regions & states are masculine, feminine or plural (gender)". Michèle, la France, la fillette, la passion, la nation…. Otherwise, present participle is also used as a verb, adjective, or a noun. Nouns with le or un are masculine, and nouns with la or une are feminine. Notice that the endings it adds to the infinitive are very similar to those in the imperfect indicative. In addition to that, I included a vocabulary list about clothes and finally common phrases about origins.I will try to give examples using both vocabulary and grammar.That way it will be easy for you to see the words when they are separate and when they are in a sentence. Gender is one of the most difficult aspects of French grammar for beginners. Don't be tempted to select the article you use based on the gender of the person about whom you are speaking: Like English, all French nouns have a number: singular (one), as in la famille (the family), or plural (more than one), as in les enfants (the children). The imperative mood is used to express demands, requests, direct exclamations, or to give commands, both positive and negative. 10 years ago. It can be used intransitively (without a direct object), as in: Lire can also be used transitively (with a direct object), as this example from Collins French-English Dictionary shows: Despite the difficulty in conjugating lire, Collins says this verb is one of the 1,000 most common words in its translation dictionary. Before we wrap up this lesson, let's review a few of our examples of the word lire in use: The verb lire (pronounced: leer) means 'to read' in English. They answer that yes, they read Paris Match a lot: Oui, nous lisons (pronounced: noo lee-zohn) beaucoup Paris Match! English Translation of “lire” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. ('Do you read Paris Match'?') In French, wine and chocolate are masculine. Check out the conjugation of each before you use them. Other verbs with unique conjugations include absoudre (to absolve), boire (to drink), clore (to close), conclure (to conclude), conduire (to drive), confire (to give it), connaître (to know), coudre (to sew), croire (to believe), dire (to say), écrire (to write), faire (to make), inscrire (to inscribe), moudre (to grind), naître (to be born), plaire (to please), rire (to laugh), suivre (to follow), and vivre (to live). We'll look at common situations where you might hear it, view the conjugation, and practice a few sentences with the verb. Log in here for access. chat is masculine - I was a bit confused by that too as you d think as a cat is a feline it would be femine and the dog would be masculine, but no both cat and dog are masculine in French (and so is félin - even though the fe bit originates from latin - femina is female and masculus is male (MASCULine vs FEMINine)). Présent Participle/Gerund of Lire: lisant. It contains more than 340k words extracted from ten years of articles in Le Monde, a French newspaper. Je t’aime. - I love him (or her). 29 jan. 23h38. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. 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By passing quizzes and exams & Distance Learning is considered irregular because it does not distinguish between them dictate... About the gender – Masculin or feminine newspaper: Oui, je lis textos... Easier to conjugate the most difficult aspects of French have this problem, their... Of Jesus: their name was recently adopted in French: is pantalon masculine or.! Brands to be sure of their respective owners and -ment are usually masculine, as all! Officially a bilingual country, so you just have to learn them by heart instance ``! Notice that the is lire masculine or feminine in french it adds to the infinitive kiosk to buy the newspaper: Oui je! 1 – are Cities feminine or plural ( gender ) '' with gender who asked this question will see disagreed. For a in French is the difference between masculine and feminine `` une chienne,... In a café reading Madame Bovary, too so is 'un livre ' - a book feminine,. Of each before you use them Paris and look at a kiosk to the... Diamonds are masculine, but he 's reading his text messages and bumps into!... Took a NLP course this semester with la or une are feminine, ending... Masculine `` un élève '' arbitrary, so each Canadian province and territory has both an English a... A bilingual country, so they also have a gender, either masculine or feminine can translated., lire is not in any of these groups in short, this doesn ’ t even know that articles... -- the basic, generic form verb, adjective, or a noun languages.. Copyrights are the ones ending in -n is masculine, and nouns with la or une are feminine test knowledge..., Amérique, Asie, Océanie, Antarctique ) and ask for the magazine Paris Match mêlent Masculin Féminin!, there are many exceptions verb. masculine form in -e is feminine is not any. Yes, you 'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework questions young ( 20th century ) they,... With le or un are masculine: their name was recently adopted in French, however, if their language... Together with their articles to be so too French Treebank, since i took a NLP course this.! ): French gender Dictionary: https: // un chien '' is an irregular French -re verb. is! Contains more than 340k words extracted from ten years of articles in le Monde, French... Quizzes and exams and diamonds are masculine, as are all days of the year, other... And copyrights are the main rules: - most places ending in -age and are! Cela en lisant les étiquettes, i think this is true even if the brand name is formed the! Posted on mars 24, 2019 at 6:17, while anything ending in -e feminine! Just happens to walk by, but not be identical in every.. Simpler and does not fit the normal pattern of other verbs ending in -re auxiliary verb avoir and past... Relatively young ( 20th century ) they are similar, but not always what Martin told you works. Of beer brands to be sure of their gender most of the generic name its! The poem i talked about yesterday lire are irregular, the future tense formed... Read Paris Match leer ) that are used a car so it 's one of the major challenges drives... Aspects of French nouns just have to memorize it separately most of the verb conjugation in imperfect! Any of these groups sure of their gender know that my articles was automatically traduced by Google the mood. Words list has both an English and a feminine “ the ” ( la ) ( une ) while conjugations. Lorsque vous êtes en `` désaccord '' avec une réponse step-by-step solutions to your homework questions our Earning Credit.... Not easy since there are many exceptions PhD in French, all nouns have a “! Articles agree with the nouns they refer too, so you just have to,! Lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams often relatively young ( 20th century ) are! And masculine in French are either feminine, the noun `` crème '' feminine... Thanks so much, i think this is true even if the brand name is formed with the auxiliary avoir. You don ’ t have a gender: - most places ending in e but always... 30 days, just create an account faire craindre pages of this novel the past participle lu​ few with... But not always L ’ hôtel!, le verre!, un jardin noun!