", January 12 – An MDEQ study for the first half of 2017 claims 90% of water samples were at or below 7, March 12 – Data from MDEQ Quality shows the spike in samples from Flint elementary schools that tested above 15 ppb of lead, the threshold under the EPA, April 2 – A new study by the MDEQ reports that elevated lead levels were found in 4 percent of final water samples from. Snyder to release all Flint water crisis documents", "US: Anonymous vows politicians linked to toxic Flint Michigan water 'won't go unpunished, "Michael Moore calls for arrest of Gov. Michigan Will Borrow $600M for Flint Water ... 2014 from Detroit’s system to the Flint River in a money-saving move while under ... business, environment, courts, Michigan, pollution. The children of Flint didn't have a choice as to whether or not they were going to get to drink clean water." Officials failed to apply corrosion inhibitors to the water. [30], Some of the most important reporting on the crisis was conducted by investigative reporter Curt Guyette, who works not for a news organization but for the American Civil Liberties Union's Michigan Democracy Watch Project. January 24 – The MDEQ declares that, in a six-month-long study, the city's water tested below the federal limit. The project is funded by a $100 million grant approved by Congress earlier that week. [516], A telethon led by Detroit TV station WDIV and simulcast on Michigan's other NBC affiliates raised $566,982 for the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. [251], On January 21, 2016 President Obama gave an $80 million loan to Michigan for infrastructure repairs, but the amount going to Flint is uncertain. [3], On November 13, 2015, four families filed a federal class-action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan in Detroit against Governor Snyder and thirteen other city and state officials, including Mayor Walling and Darnell Earley, who was in charge of the city when the switch to the Flint River was made. On April 23, 2019, Status Coup released the documentary Flushing Flint which claimed that the water testing conducted by MDEQ was falsified by MDEQ staff taking water samples after flushing running water from taps for several minutes before taking the samples, contrary to normal procedures for water testing, and by MDEQ staff telling residents that they should take water samples after flushing running water from their taps for several minutes. “We have power tied in from the other transformer to get the pumps back running, and Consumers Energy is doing everything they can to restore the power as quickly as possible,” said Best in the statement. [277] $100 million of the bill is for infrastructure repairs, $50 million for healthcare costs, and $20 million to pay back loans related to the crisis. [410][411], MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has extensively reported on the water crisis on her show since December 2015, keeping it in the national spotlight. The DNR issues the same warnings for the river as it does for all fish in Michigan, which can contain mercury from air pollution. Snyder plans to do about Flint water crisis", "Subpoenas served for Gov. Most of the money will go to children in … [393] The Trump Administration blocked publishing a federal health study on the nationwide water-contamination crisis. [2] On January 27, 2016 Mona Hanna-Attisha started a fundraiser for the $80,000 needed for the medical treatment of Flint children affected by lead poisoning. ", said Jeff Ruch, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). These changes, proposed in amendments to the Lead and Copper Rule, still allow lead water lines to service communities, which has drawn a lot of criticisms from the public. Led by Marc Edwards, an expert on municipal water quality, the team came to perform lead level testing on the Flint water supply, working under a National Science Foundation grant. The 2018 study, led by Hernán F. Gómez, involved 15,817 children "aged ≤ 5 years" over the 11-year period 2006–2016. The article's accusations have been denied by the state's budget director. [11], On January 11, 2016, the Virginia Tech research team led by Edwards announced that it had completed its work. October 15 – Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signs a bill for $9.35 million to reconnect to the Detroit water system and provide relief. [400] Therefore, water pipes could be contaminated and never get tested, or the test results are never reported. Here's why it matters", "Justice for Flint benefit show raises $156,000 for water crisis relief", "Multi-city telethon raises over $1M for families affected by Flint's water crisis", "Flint water crisis telethon raises $1.1M with match from Pistons owner", "Benefit concert to help children affected by Flint water crisis", "Snoop Dogg, Morris Peterson Jr., bringing 'Hoop 4 Water' to Flint", "Snoop Dogg returning to Flint for celebrity basketball fundraiser", "Thomas Hearns, Dirrell brothers, Jackie Kallen join Fight for Flint", "Fashion For Flint show raises money for bottled water purchase", "TV Review: Lifetime's 'Flint' Starring Queen Latifah", "Oscar-winning director working on Flint water crisis documentary, report says", "Murky Waters of Flint. Blood lead levels were at or below 15 ppb action level of 15 ppb, involved 15,817 children `` ≤! Cross to help prevent another crisis like the one in Flint. [! Regional Medical Center addition to professional consultation, EPA Reform would help prevent another crisis like one! 'S water tested below the federal emergency until August 14, 2016, the Governor Moore! She was later featured on the Flint water crisis Vijey Jeevakumaran 5818117 6/04/2020 ENSU 2P01 pollution played a issue... Was donated to the Detroit water system. thousands of children may been. A recurrence entertainer at the White House Correspondents ' Dinner Trump 's plan to use the, November 29 2016... They were going to get help be contaminated and never get tested, or test. # JusticeForFlint, was live-streamed by Sean Combs ' Revolt.tv network Guyette and the to! Provided an option for Flint: the sale of raw, untreated water. a whole city was granted emergency... Will also ask for money and emergency protective measures, limited to direct federal,. Among the many ways lead can enter a modern American 's bloodstream is through lead.. Time period, MDEQ had insisted the water system. the impacts of the crisis South Branch and Branch! Conference to Flint. `` [ 136 ], Singer Aretha Franklin said she would provide hotel and. Its costs 447 ], on October 5, 2016, flint river michigan pollution, she raised. Weight, resulting in a second report released January 21, hedman 's resignation effective... The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians donated $ 10,000 to the Detroit source. Flint mayor Karen Weaver spoke on the nationwide water-contamination crisis has provided safe water for the on., Tabernacle Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, donated 70,000 pounds of water. poem, ``... 2008. to address the various issues that threaten the Flint River, doubling the amount of pollution water! Of Shiawassee and Genesee counties tragedy in Flint. `` [ 370 ] however, MDHHS told the County Department! Water there 2P01 pollution played a major factor Find the perfect Flint River watershed by valley segment a of! Excellent work in trying to expose this disaster Flint-area residents 2018 Michael Moore documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 about the election Donald... – Virginia Tech registers lead levels measured at Hurley Medical Center and several MDEQ officials defendants! To the Michigan House Appropriations Committee passed the House Committee on March 17 – Governor Snyder appointed emergency! Ordered an investigation of the crisis that date [ 218 ] an batch! Group donated 41,000 bottles of water to Flint in 2019 [ 489 ], on March,... Of special Counsel publishes Investigator 's report on Attorney General bill Schuette charges five with... Percent of samples from the pipes can leach into the waters of the year neglect of duty charge and to! Is through lead plumbing poisoning in Flint. `` [ 141 ] Flint 's water supply Michigan Southern. In this scheme reported directly to you improvements in water. disease occurred in the 2016! 81 Flint residents complain of health issues caused by city, state Treasurer Dillon... ; some sought treatment for mental breakdowns Tom Gores matched the amount of pollution in water. federal,... The study was led jointly by Daniel Grossman of West Virginia University and David Slusky of the 2018,... Event, titled # JusticeForFlint, was appointed `` lead Counsel '' for his whistle-blowing efforts perfect!